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”Denim is an evergreen trend, and currently the fabric in being innovated in different ways for different age groups by designers across the world. However, according to Abhishek Yadav, Head of Design, the latest way of adding denim to your wardrobe is by sporting dungarees and overalls. He says, “Denim on denim look has been trending in recent times, and denim overalls and dungarees are some popular options. Different silhouettes like paint suits and jumpsuits in denim also work well. Pair your dungarees with a solid cropped top and sports shoes for a cool chic look. As put it rightly, denim has been used in every shape and form of a garment in today’s time, so much so that one can even wear them in the form of a sari or a denim blouse, mentions designer Kanika Jain.”To nail denim on denim, it is important to keep the shade of denim in mind.Avoid denim shoes, a denim hat, a denim handbag, or any other denim accessory while wearing a denim outfit.

Rather than sticking to the classic blue, different colours like lilac, white, red-brown also add to a fresh and different look. One can also wear a pair of jeans with a classic white shirt and an emerald neckpiece for a classic appeal. We highly recommend investing in some cool denim pieces to transition from summer to winter wardrobe, and later recycle it for next season. Add a lace singlet under your denim overalls to add a little bit of oomph.. Remember that when it comes to denim, less is always more. My personal favourite look Emboss Sofa Upholstery Suppliers is the classic blue jeans with a crisp white shirt and heels,” sums up the designer.Outfit by Aaina MahajanShe adds, “A denim saree and blouse is the latest way to sport this textile, and it looks very chic. When it comes to styling denim, street jewellery, as well as luxurious gems and precious metals, look equally fabulous. Two very different shades of denim might not be the best solution to sport together. “Denim pieces are classic and can be incorporated as formal, casual and leisurewear. Mix and match of different tones of the denim will add more charm to the look, opines Aaina Mahajan, designer. Add chunky gold earrings with a mini bag if you are aiming for a glamorous look, and for a casual day out just grab a simple bag pack and sneakers.

A stylish pair of sunglasses, a trendy leather bag, and black ankle boots is the perfect accessories to rock the denim on denim look.”A good rule-of-thumb when wearing denim would be to keep it minimal and utterly classic to make the most impact.If you are bored with changing trends, and looking for something that never disappoints – try out the re-invented “denim diva” look and add some classic pieces to your wardrobe. Denim exudes a casual and effortless vibe which should be matched while accessorising your outfit. “Denim vests are perfect to elevate your OOTD; with different washes and tones it gives out a well-balanced look. Or replace it with a beaded necklace or chunky earrings, as per the mood. Go monochrome with all denim look and accentuate it with silver jhumkis or traditional juttis for the Indo-western look or simply sport black ankle-length boots and printed jacket for a cool Western look.Denim has always been a classic; it never has and never will need a styling makeover.Denim is one textile that can be styled in every possible way and with anything for that matter. Adding a layer of denim on your printed ensemble gives out the wow factor and enhances the look making it complete, recommend Vikas and Vishal Pacheriwal

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