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A bright ghagra and a crisp white T-shirt is a winning combo on multiple levels.”.”Swap lehengas for botomwear with heavy drapes. You could do without a dupatta as the Imitated Cashmer For Coat CXIC Suppliers cape offers a beautiful modern look with an ethnic touch. While it’s always a nice feeling to soak up all the praises that come your way as you sport a desi ensemble; nothing beats the fun of taking your personal style up a notch–by adding a fusion spin to your attire.”On the other side, if you are planning to flaunt your love for soft flares and romanticised styles opt for a block printed skirt and team it up with a tank top.. “You can opt for Indo-western gowns for a cocktail party, crafted out of traditional Indian textiles like silk, batik or kalamkari.” That aside, weddings in India include an array of both day and night functions.” That said, she sages advice on how Indo-western gowns are perfect for the forthcoming cocktail parties.

“Shop for a plum skirt and pair it with a cape/poncho, preferably embellished with some work. “You can also modernise your old sari with a jacket blouse. “If there is anything Bollywood has been constantly reminding us, it is the different ways to work around an Indo western style. Designers and experts tell us why.With Diwali not too far away, it’s unsurprising to see fashion lovers get antsy about their sartorial choices in the weeks to come. To glam up the style quotient, these Indian-western fusion dresses are accessorised with traditional neckpieces. Complete the ensemble by accessorising the look with an eccentric waist belt. Fusion gowns with intricate traditional embroidery and sassy western silhouettes can jazz up any reception ensemble with utmost glam.

There’s something for everyone — be it a ruffled sari from 70s or bell bottoms with short kurti from 80s, or even the classic sheer red kurta paired with rugged denims donned by Anushka in ‘The breakup song’. Indian-western fusion dresses for weddings come as saviour at such times.Designer Brunda Gowda believes that a cape is this season’s staple — festive or otherwise. Funky yet fun, we are sure you can easily dance all night in this comfy outfit. For instance, pick a pair of dhoti pants which happens to be in trend and team it up with a spaghetti top and an ethnic printed jacket. “When in doubt, choose fusion lehengas with asymmetric tops. Ensure you play around with bold colours to sprinkle some fun into your festive attire!” Fashion stylist Laxmi Krishna believes that when adding a jazz to your festive-wear, going the Bollywood way is a stellar option.She adds that jackets paired with traditional attires make for a winning combo. Complement the bohemian look with statement jewellery pieces. Ditch those usual ghagra cholis and spruce it up with a dash of western classics.”For stylist Rhea Khanna, it’s only fair if asymmetrical silhouettes are given a chance this festive season. A beautiful amalgamation of Indo-western rules the roost this season

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